Water Truck

Bill’s Sweeping Service is the place to go for any of your water truck needs.

Water Truck Services Available:

  • Dust Control
  • Compaction
  • Jetting
  • Plumbing Trees
  • Landscape Watering

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Water Truck in Southern California and Orange County

The California Air Resources Board warns that if you are operating a business or project that “emits enough dust, smoke or odor into the air to cause people in your neighborhood to complain, you will be subject to Section 41700 of the Health and Safety Code (H & SC), the ‘State Nuisance Law of California.'” 

We are here to help make sure you maintain a lawful working/project environment and have all of the services available that you would need.

Types of Projects to Use Our Water Truck Service For

Dust Control

A water truck can be especially useful for areas where there is a lot of dust and dirt, such as construction sites. Each truck is equipped with various spray nozzles that provide high performance hydration in especially dry scenarios.


The compaction of soil is a necessity for any construction project. We are aware that the success of a job relies heavily on moisture content and can give you what you need.


Our water trucks are rigged with high pressure jet nozzles that can flush out many forms of garbage and debris from sewer pipelines and storm drains.

Plumbing Trees

While each home or business is different, we have the knowledge and resources to provide you with whatever plumbing tree needs you may have. Our pressurized systems are able to clear out the blockages you may be dealing with.

Landscape Watering

If your community or business doesn’t have a need for a permanent water irrigation system, our water trucks offer the perfect service for any landscape watering job you have – big or small.

Standard Water Truck Rates

$75/HR regular rate, $85/HR premium rate PW- $110/HR up to 8 hrs/day, $140/HR premium
Approx. 2000 gallons