Our Little Sweepers

Bill’s Sweeping Service  Re-Introduces the concept of sweeping  without Back-Pack Blowers

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small community sweeper
Bill’s Sweeping is re-introducing the concept of using small industrial broom sweepers to sweep the small dead-end alleys of associations and condo projects. These areas are normally maintained by using back-pack blowers to move the debris onto the main streets where they can be picked up by the sweepers.

While backpack blowers are an efficient and economical method for this function, they are not without drawbacks. Many residents complain about the noise and dust created by using blowers.Small industrial broom sweepers (like the one pictured) can actually do a complete 360-degree turn in as little as two car spaces. Depending on the project, blowers can sometimes be completely eliminated. But even if they are needed for small touch-up areas it’s a far cry from the need to blow all the debris down a 50-100 foot alley to the main street.

These sweepers have small gutter brooms and an extensive dust control filter system. They have an internal suction fan that works well on leaves, litter and even small amounts of gravel and sand, leaving the job sparkling clean with no dust and no annoying back-pack blower noise.  Read all about these green machine vacuum sweepers at www.tennantco.com

Benefits of these little sweepers over back pack blowers include:

  • Virtually zero dust
  • Much, much quieter
  • No rocks or sand flying through the air threatening to damage your car’s paint job

To qualify for this premium service your community must:

  • Have zero to very-few speed bumps
  • Dry gutters
  • Need at least a twice-a-month sweeping service

If your ready for a change in how your sweeping service is provided, or want to start sweeping the tight areas in your community, this old concept is the perfect new service for you.