Private Community Sweeping

HOA SweepingWe service over 150 communities every week just like yours.  In addition to helping your community look great, regular sweeping increases asphalt life, reduces debris being tracked into homes and garages, increases property values, and generally increases the quality of life in the neighborhood.

The “work horse” of our community maintenance fleet, the Tymco 600 regenerative air street sweeper, coupled with an experienced operator, will help provide your community the look and feel that your family deserves.

Powerful Equipment

The Tymco 600 was designed to sweep communities exactly like yours.  This isn’t some wimpy parking lot sweeper trying to play with the big boys.

Steel Gutter Brooms

Nasty gutter muck doesn’t stand a chance against 5000+ rotating steel bristles.

State of the Art GPS Tracking

Each of our trucks is tracked with GPS so we can monitor exactly how thoroughly your community has been swept.

Dust Control Water

A street sweeper creating dust while sweeping is not only annoying to homeowners, it’s outright illegal.  That why we add additional water sprayers above and beyond the stock options to make sure your community gets the benefit of dust free sweeping.

Sweeping with the

“Flow of Traffic”

A minor detail with HUGE liability implications.  Sweepers that only have gutter brooms on the driver side of the sweeper must travel AGAINST traffic to sweep the curbs of the community.

“Per Sweep” Pricing

If we skip a sweep because of rain or holiday and we don’t make it up, you don’t pay for the missed sweep.

No Long Term Contracts

If we don’t measure up, you can cancel service with only 48 hours notice.  We think this is a good incentive for both of us to stay on the ball.

No-Backpack-Blowing Option

If your community has small alley ways or dead end streets where our large trucks won’t fit, you’re sure to love our small sweepers and the no backpack blowing option. [read more]


Our Big Sweepers

Big Tymco Sweeper

Find out how we use the most powerful regenerative air street sweeper on the market to keep your community looking great.

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Our Little Sweepers

small community sweeper

When the big sweepers just don’t fit, the little “green machine” is there to pick up the slack.  Perfect for small communities and apartment complexes.

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Common Problem Support

Communities new to a premium street sweeping service invariably ask many of the same questions. So we’ve done our best to answer these questions for you. The sweeper not using water for cleaning? Is there smeared mud or algae on your street? Find handouts with detailed explanations to these common questions and problems

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