Street Cleaning

Street “Cleaning” vs. Street “Sweeping”

While these two words street cleaning and street sweeping are often used interchangeably, they are very different services.

Street cleaning implies the addition of water, and possibly other solvents to wash the street.  Street cleaning is NOT a service we provide (or anyone else provides for that matter.)

“Why not!? you might ask.”

Well for one, that type of machine just doesn’t exist, at least not for outdoor applications.  Indoor scrubbers that use water to clean do fine on surfaces that are very clean to start with.  They are typically working on nonporous services such as plain concrete or concrete with an epoxy sealant so there are very few cracks for the dirt to hide.

Additionally, indoor surfaces are more uniform, allowing the scrubber’s squeegees to make a firm contact with the ground.  Without a firm contact by the squeegees, the dirty water that’s supposed to be cleaned off your floor can’t be reclaimed.

In an outdoor environment, however, there is too much debris to keep the machine from getting clogged.  Working on a porous surface, such as asphalt, means that substantially more debris is pulled out of the pores, overloading the scrubber.

Outdoor surfaces aren’t as consistent as indoor surfaces so the squeegees cant make the necessary seal with the ground to recollect the water.

Additionally “street cleaning” is a catch-all phrase that makes no indication of what will be done to the street and is subject to each individual’s opinion of clean.

If you’re interested in street sweeping (and not street cleaning), you can find relevant information about your project under construction sweeping or private community sweeping.