Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Let us make your next pressure washing job a whole lot easier.  Having one of our sweeper operators work in tandem with a pressure washer has two benefits:

  1. The pressure washer can start his work on a primed surface.  All the heavy dirt and gravel on the pavement has already been picked up by the sweeper, so he’s not just turning your dirty lot into a muddy mess.
  2. Additionally, we can help with the water reclamation required by the Stormwater Permitting Program and keep you from getting slapped with a nasty stormwater violation.  Just look at some of the requirements below.

“The following protocols are intended to prevent or reduce the discharge of pollutants from parking/storage areas… If water is used follow the procedures below:

  • Block the storm drain or contain runoff.
  • Wash water should be collected and pumped to the sanitary sewer or discharged to a pervious surface, do not allow wash water to enter storm drains.
  • Dispose of parking lot sweeping debris and dirt at a landfill.”

-California Stormwater BMP Handbook

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