Indoor Sweeping

Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as Bill’s Sweeping Service) provides professional quality indoor sweeping for any location – big or small.

Indoor Sweeping in Southern California and Orange County

For indoor sweeping such as warehouses, parking structures, or tenant improvement projects, we use the powerful yet sleek American-Lincoln. These are heavy duty machines with a turning radius allowing them to make a u-turn in as little as 120 inches so no project is too small or (too large) for these guys.

Dust Free

With filters that filter dust down to 1 Micron in size,  our indoor sweeping service ensures your facility can be swept without disturbing your workers.

Water Free

Because of the 1 Micron dry filtration system, these guys don’t need to use water for dust suppression.

High Dumping Capabilities

We can dump directly into a 3 yard dumpster so we’re back to sweeping in just a minute or two. That means more time is spent sweeping to give you the most bang for your buck.

Pre-Scrubbing Preparation

Thinking of scrubbing your facility? Sweep the facility first and drastically reduce your scrubbing time. If there is still dirt or dust on your floor, it needs to be swept before a scrubber can do its job.

Extremely Maneuverable

This means we can provide indoor sweeping at your job site without interrupting your work flow. Our operators will work around your equipment so your guys can keep working.

Propane Powered

Even in areas with little to no ventilation, these propane powered machines can work all day with very little emissions.



What Type Of Indoor Sweeping Do You Need?

Warehouse Sweeping

Indoor Sweeping Warehouse in Southern California and Orange County

Our team have become experts in the challenges that come with indoor sweeping a warehouse. Let us take care of these unique spaces for you.

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Parking Structure

Indoor Sweeping Parking Structure in Southern California and Orange County

Standard sweepers do not fit in most parking structures. We have the right size indoor sweeping units for the job. Bring us in to do the work.

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Tenant Improvement

Indoor Sweeping Tenant Improvement in Southern California and Orange County

Allow our team to help you look good for you clients before, during and after any tenant improvement project you may have.

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