Catch Basin Cleaning

Catch Basin is the entry point where the storm drain system goes underground.

They provide our lakes, streams, and oceans a first line of defense by collecting polluting debris.  Regular maintenance, along with routine street sweeping, ensures that your catch basin is functioning correctly.

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Catch Basin Cleaning

Yummy Stuff Found in a Catch Basin Near You

There is no telling what you might find inside of a catch basin. From wildlife like bugs and reptiles to large items such as tree branches and sometimes even debris from construction zones, whatever gets caught in a storm’s path can end up inside the basin. Take a look at the photos below to see what we have found while doing a cleaning and maintenance service.

How We Help Your Catch Basin

Before                                                             After

This is the inside of a normal basin. While each catch basin will differ in size and shape, their main purpose of collecting debris before it enters drainage pipes remains the same. We have this area to thank for keeping our oceans and the lives within them free from the harm much of the debris can cause. If the catch basin becomes to full, it is no longer able to do its job as good as it should. This is why a regular cleaning and maintenance is highly recommended, and one of the top services we provide.

Inlet Filters

Some basins are equipped with inlet filters to extract even more debris from the entering water. The filters are often equipped with a pouch or container filled with a granular material to absorb hydrocarbons and other petroleum- based products from the water.

We have experience cleaning Ocean Protection Technology (OPT) style inlet filters.

Inlet Filter

Our Powerful Vacuum Trucks

Our equipment can handle the slimiest, dirtiest, and most disgusting debris.
Sometimes catch basins are shallow and easy to get to.  Other times they require us to really “get into” our work.